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'Had a great reading with Tina! She tuned into me immediately and was spot on with the reading. I got great advice and validation on all my energy centres, what and how I should focus and I got a surprise visit with my passed on friend. Tina made me feel very comfortable throughout the reading and the drawing she did was fun! I would recommend Tina and plan on repeat visits in the future! Thanks Tina you brought me the info I was seeking at the right time!'
Sandy Batterman, USA

How does a reading work?

During readings I communicate with my guides in the spirit world to bring through messages, guidance & healing.
Through using Oracle Cards, I tune in to the energy of the person I am facilitating the reading for and channel information relevant for them at the time. Readings can also be provided with an Aura-graph artwork which is a visual representation of your energy field and any other factors impacting on it at the time of the reading. 

 Readings can be purchased below. Once payment is received, I will contact you to schedule a date/time for your reading. When ordering your reading, please state you name (does not have to be in full), DOB, & e-mail address.
Following your reading, if you have also booked an accompanying Aura-graph, this will be scanned and e-mailed to you. 
Please note: Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, I am currently only providing readings via Zoom, Skype, e-mail or telephone and not in person

I aim to provide you with guidance, insight and bring positivity, balance, clarity and empowerment as a result of having your reading. 

15 Minute Reading without artwork £15

30 minute Reading £20

30 Minute Reading with Aura-graph £25

60 minute Reading £35

60 Minute Reading with Auragraph £40

Examples of Aura-graph Readings