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Psychic Art

I provide a range of  individual pieces of artwork, connecting with natural, healing and  spiritual energy.
All artwork is unique and  I work combining a diverse range  of materials including acrylics, pastels, glitter and material.

Spirit Guide Portraits
This is a sketch of Tina's Spirit Guide "Tao Chung". 
Tina provides Spirit Guide Portraits.
Portraits are completed in pastels.

Spirit Guide Portrait £30

 Spirit Guide Portrait with reading £45 

Title: Angel of Peace
Cost: £25+P&P

Other  Artwork
Tina provides a range of other Angelic artwork and Mandala's. Why not let her work with you to create a  Soul Energy Mandala to harness and focus your energy.  All artwork is  unique and will incorporate  a personal statement of intent. 

  • Personalised Guardian Angel Artwork and 
  • Angelic Healing Paintings
  • Personal Power Symbol's within Mandala
  • Soul Energy Mandala - single or for couples
  • Business Mandala's

All Angelic artwork, Personal Power Energy Mandalas, Business Mandala's & Soul Mandalas are available in a choice of 5 sizes and completed on canvas.

14" x 18" 
£25 + P&P

20" x 16"
£35 + P&P

24" x 20"
£45 + P&P

24" x 24"
£50 + P&P

30" x 24"£65 + P&P

The image above is an example of Tina's work for a  business mandala that also includes the owners personal power symbol.

Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from Tina Paul  is strictly prohibited.
All images are copyright of Tina Paul