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  Practitioner Training

Certificated Helix Healing Practitioner Training 
Helix Healing© is taught via a 2 day Practitioner course with attunement process and practical elements , which is facilitated by Tina  Paul or one of her regional trainers. 
Once an attunement has taken place the practitioner is then able to connect directly with the energies within Helix Healing in the future in order to facilitate helix healing treatments.

All those attending are expected to submit 3-4 comprehensive case studies within the first 6 months of being attuned and also attend a final assessment day with their trainer. 
Case study templates and guidance are provided. Once these have been successfully completed, students are then awarded their 'Helix Healing Facilitator of Change' Practitioner certificate and can practise Helix Healing. 

All ‘Helix Healing Facilitators of Change’ are required to be insured in order to practice. Insurance for Helix Healing  is available through Westminster Indemnity. 

A mentoring programme is provided in order to offer ongoing support for all Helix Healing facilitators after becoming attuned. Two free mentoring sessions are included in the cost of the Helix Healing Attunement course fee. Further mentoring and small business coaching can be provided at a discounted price for all practitioners.

Before undertaking practitioner training, all those interested are required to schedule a 1:1 informal meeting with Tina Paul in person, via the telephone or Skype. This meeting is free of charge.
It can also be beneficial to have experienced a Helix Healing treatment before undertaking practitioner training.

Practitioner Training Syllabus
Two Day Certificated Helix Healing Course
Day one: 
  • Meditations to connect with the Collective
  • History and Background to Helix Healing
  • Admin - policies & procedures, documentation
  • Crystal Energy specific to Helix Healing
  • Large spiral practical exercise
  • Channelling from the Collective
Day 2: 
  • Meditation
  • Attunement's
  • Distance Helix Healing exercise
  • Personal Power symbol creativity exercise
  • Small spiral practical exercise
  • Case studies
  • Certificate ceremony

Cost: £220  ( this  also includes the assessment day and 2 x telephone or skype mentoring sessions)
A manual, practitioner mist spray, set of 7 small Helix Healing spirals and  certificate is included.
Lunch & light refreshments provided. 

Dates for Helix Healing & Angelic Helix Healing Practitioner Training Courses can be found on the Events & Home pages.

Angelic Helix Healing

Certificated Angelic Helix Healing Practitioner Course

Two Day Certificated Angelic Helix Healing Course

Angelic Helix Healing connects with the magical energies of the 12 Angelic Beings with whom we work alongside. Practitioner training is suitable for those new to working with Angelic energies and for those who already have experience of connecting with them.

  • Explore working with the new colour energy vibrations introduced with this system of healing.
  • Learn how to connect with each of the twelve individual Angelic energies.
  • Receive attunement’s to enable you to connect to working with these amazing Angelic energies. 
  • Gain ancient knowledge relating to the Angelic Collective within Helix Healing & discover their purpose and mission to connecting with others at this time.
  • Learn how to facilitate an Angelic Helix Healing consultation.
  • Learn how to use the bespoke healing products during healing consultations & with friends and family.
  • Learn how to facilitate Angel Readings for others channelling guidance from the Angelic Collective and working with the energies of the new colour vibrations. 
  • Connect with the healing properties of the Angelic Helix Rainbow Mist Spray and learn how to use this during client consultations.
  • Learn the basics of setting up as a self-employed Angelic Helix Healing Practitioner.

Receive a manual complete with specific standardised Angelic Helix Healing documentation relating to consultations, case studies, working with the energy, background to the collective of Angelic Beings & their wider connection to The Helix Healing Collective of Light Beings

Cost: £220
This includes a manual, set of bespoke healing spirals, Angelic Helix Rainbow mist spray, certificate and cost of additional assessment day is included.
Lunch & light refreshments provided. 

Since being attuned to the helix energy, the differences I've noticed have been:
*More clarity in general
*Knowing what I want and feeling more sure about things
*Raised self esteem, belief and confidence
*Having more faith in the universe that everything will work out fine
As for working with the collective and their energies, I have found them to be very protective.  At first I found the helix symbols difficult to visualise but this is becoming easier the more I work with them. The last treatment I did was just so powerful and my understanding of what is going on during the healing is also increasing.
I'm really enjoying working with the collective. It's very different to the type of healing I've done before but really effective and much, much deeper. I've had glowing reports from the clients who have received it.

Ruth Levy, Welwyn Garden City


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