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What is Mentoring?
 It is regular confidential phone or 1:1 online contact with myself, where I :
  • ·         support you in planning a programme of spiritual practice
  • ·         help you set goals and keep to your commitments
  • ·         encourage and support you in your spiritual practice
  • ·         discuss your problems from a holistic perspective
  • ·         suggest new techniques to enhance your practice
I work with each person individually to design a support system of personal reflection and broadening awareness depending on the individual’s interests. Sessions follow a dialogue/coaching style and work towards helping you use the events of everyday life to connect more deeply with spirit.

Spiritual Mentoring could be for you if:
  • ·         you want to deepen your sense of spiritual growth and direction
  • ·         you would like support in developing and maintaining your spiritual practice
  • ·         you would like to maintain a regular spiritual practice
  • ·         you would find it useful to have access to a variety of perspectives on spiritual matters
How much does it cost?
£30 per week
£115 per month
What can I expect to receive for this?
  • Online &/or text support
  • A bespoke action plan
  •  Personalised weekly mentoring sessions

I also offer a 3 month or 6 month extended programme 
  • 3 month programme: £345 
  • 6 month programme: £690

 I take a broad non-judgemental approach, and I do not represent any one religion, doctrine or spiritual direction. 
E-mail or call me today and lets talk! 078131 10167

 Holistic Life & Business Coaching 
Don’t let your dreams, goals, brilliant ideas and aspirations go to waste because you lack the motivation to pursue them. Everyone could do with a little help sometimes to motivate them to gain focus, feel confident and self assured, and to accomplish their goals.

Why not let this be the day you boldly declare.....The rest of my life is going to be the best of my life! 

 E-mail or call me today and lets talk!
 07813 110167 

 Free 20 min Initial Consultation provided. 
Coaching sessions: £30 a week
                                  £115 per month 
 Small Business Start Up – Coaching and Mentoring 
 Have a business idea, looking to start-up? 
 I can provide coaching to assist you with developing a structured business plan, identify clear goals, clarify your vision for your business & identify any possible funding routes. 

Ongoing mentoring can also be provided  to support you through the different stages of your business growth. 

 Free 20 minute Initial discussion provided. Contact me now to arrange
Cost: £30 per week
          £115 per month

3 month programme - A three month package of 
  • Online &/or text support
  • A bespoke action plan
  •  personalised coaching or mentoring sessions


Tina has made such a positive difference to my everyday life. From dealing with complex corporate work situations with a much clearer, calmer approach leading to the outcome I wanted, to helping with my personal energy levels through teaching me many different tools to use to deal with different emotions. Tina has such a massive range of skills to help and teach with she really is a wealth of knowledge as well as a wonderful, kind person. I can not recommend enough.
Sally Mclelland, 
 " I found Tina to be a truly professional and expert business coach who fully understood my needs for my business. 
She was able to come up with a plan of action tailored to the requirements of my business that ensured I worked towards achieving my goals and with her expert guidance I felt able to work swiftly to that end. 
Tina was always complementary and supportive, a pleasure to work with and I would have no hesitation in
recommending her and her business coaching services"

Ian Spencer, Cornwall