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*New: Daily Inspirational Angelic Message  channelled from Tina's Guide 'Tahalihah'
Tahalihah's Inspirational Angel Message for the day:

Tahalihahs Inspirational Angelic Message for the day: 
Tolerance, Judgement and Compassion - today's message is about acceptance of all and compassion for their soul. Tolerance for your fellow beings no matter what their beliefs, opinions and how they choose to  follow their path. An open heart is only that without tolerance for others, it is not truly full of love and compassion. Compassion for another's soul must be without judgement of their chosen earthly path in this lifetime. Always take time to look at others as we in the Angelic Realm do, at their inner light and as a pure soul on a enlightening journey. 

Angel Blessings, Tahalihah x

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