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Hi, my name is Tina Paul and I  live in Somerset in the UK with my husband Nigel and our 3 cats. I have been aware of spirit since a young child and I come from a family of psychics, healers & mediums. I am  the co-founder of Helix Healing© and Helix Animal Healing ©, an Angel Facilitator, Medium, Psychic Artist, Spiritual Mentor & Holistic Coach and Writer .
Working with my team  in the spirit world, I  aspire to motivate, inspire, and empower others to continue on their life’s journey and fulfil their full potential. 
I assist others to connect with the spirit world in a positive, supportive way and to progress along  their  individual spiritual paths.

Tahalihahs Angelic Inspirational Angelic Message for the day: 
Comfort: What do you take comfort from, what gives you a sense of calm and brings comfort to your soul? For some it will be family and/or friends and knowing they are there, for others it may be a job well done. Faith can bring comfort to many as well, especially in troubled times. Take a while to acknowledge what gives you comfort and why and give gratitude for this in your life today. Ensure you cultivate this positive element of your life. Affirmations for today are: I am comfortable with who I am. I have comfort for body, mind and spirit. 
Angel Blessings, Tahalihah xx

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