Angel Energies - Tina McNaughton
Tina has been an inspirational teacher and mentor for me for many years, I have had readings, healings and attended many of Tina's workshop's.  She has always been very patient & supportive, with amazing intuitive abilities.  Her teachings are always fun as Tina brings her own unique and giggly qualities to everything she does.
Pippa King
Being a confirmed Spiritualist all my life i had never given Angel Energy much thought until I met Tina.The immensely strong connection she has with her Angel on a daily basis is  as natural to her as it is astounding to me.I have spoken to Tina on many occassions concerning my own spiritual path,received angel healing,and my teenage son asked for guidance from Tinas guide about his career path when he left college .The info that came through Tina was invaluable, he is now settled,happy and carving a good career.I am proud to call Tina a friend. She is a Special human being, a true "LightWorker".Bless her. 
Beth Wood

" Tina is a very genuine person, who's ability to connect to the spirt world is amazing. I have had 3 readings from Tina, and each time she never ceases to amaze me of her accuracy in confirming details that only I would know. In my last reading she repeated word for word something I had said in a conversation to another person, which took place the day before my reading.  She guides you in the right direction of where or what you need to do, with information from her guides and angels, and I always come away from her readings feeling calm and empowered. Tina and her guides are never judgemental and I highly recommend her for a reading that is positive and helpful in many ways."
Michelle Hunt
"I was lucky to receive a psychic aura reading from Tina. I  found it to be highly accurate, informative and interesting. Tina was spot on about so many things which blowed my mind and there were some new insights which i highly resonated with and that helped me understand myself on a higher level.  She also gave some helpful spiritual advice. I thoroughly recommend Tina's services. She is a very talented, authentic, caring reader"
Natalia Kuna, Australia
I met Tina by chance really, in Penzance, which is about 40 miles from where I live. I found out she had an interest in animals and mentioned to her that I had lost my cat, Tinker, several months before. I was extremely worried about her as I knew she would be frightened and not able to find her way home, and she was not used to roads and traffic. 
Tina assured me that Tinker was still alive, she said she could see that somehow she had got across a busy road and was travelling across fields, and she was living off the wildlife around her. She said she was 'okay'. After seven and a half months I have been reunited  with Tinker, she is extremely traumatised but alive and well. Tina was so accurate with her information; for a start she did not know where I lived, but she named the area (about 40 miles away), Tinker had indeed crossed a busy road, she had been 'living rough' travelling across fields, she had lost so much weight and was quite feral, but she recognised me in an instant. Tinker was find in the area Tina had said, which was absolutely amazing, there is no way that Tina could have known the area where Tinker had gone missing from. 
My family were so sceptical about Tina's insight, they aren't any longer! Because of Tina I never gave up hope that Tinker was still alive, and I still cannot believe she is back.Thank you so much  . 
Mich. Cornwall

Bryn my Welsh Cob had a mystery lameness in both front feet.  I wasn't sure if I should have cortisone injected into his feet, as my vet suggested. This was  because X-rays didn't show anything up to cause his lameness or decide to turn him away for six months and let mother nature do her work. Tina offered to come to do some work with Bryn, to be honest I was a little sceptical at first.  As soon as she walked into his stable he went almost sleepy and quiet, and Tina completed a healing session with him. Tina communicated with Brynn and told me a few things that she saw through Bryns eyes, that she just couldn't have known without her gift. Tina told me that Bryn just needed rest and he would be fine. After having six months rest we've gradually brought Bryn back to work and we have just started jumping, which Bryn is enjoying and has stayed sound. I'm so glad Tina came to see my boy,  I would highly recommend her to anyone with a poorly animal, she has a soothing kind quiet presence which Bryn found very calming!

Jill White, Cornwall