Angel Energies - Tina McNaughton
Helix Animal Healing

Helix Animal Healing Treatments
Helix Animal Healing is a combination of  animal communication techniques and  healing which give the practitioner  insight into the animal's needs.

Tina initially connects telepathically via distance with the animal. This enables her to understand what is needed to assist them with their recovery. Following this an appointment in person is arranged  to facilitate the healing treatment. A report is also provided as part of this service.
Distance healing sessions can also be facilitated in this way. Tina works with a photo of your animal to complete a distance healing and provides an e-mail report. 

Communicating and treating the animal this way provides their human companion with insights into their pet's view  of life & their surroundings, and helps to create a closer bond. 
All healing consultations are priced as follows;
30 minutes     £30
60 minutes     £50
90 minutes     £75
Please make payment via main Helix Healing page and e-mail

Practitioner travel costs may be charged as extra to consultation fee. 

Concessions available - please contact for further details

Note: All clients are advised initially to obtain a veterinary diagnosis. Energy healing s is recognised by the R.C.V.S. and may be given to animals either by the laying on of hands or as distance healing.

Helix Animal Healing Course 
Syllabus Includes:   

  • The Practising Therapist
  • Self care
  • Legalities
  • Animal Anatomy, Physiology & Chakra System
  • Treatments
  • The Client - animal & owner
  • Techniques & methods
  • Case studies

All practitioners are expected to submit 4 case studies & complete assessments for each module. There will also be some self study. Practitioners must  gain appropriate insurance before starting to practice fully as Helix Animal Healers.
Course fee: £145