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Tahalihah's Inspirational Message of the Week

Swans & Butterflies: Two of life's true beauty's and wonderful to behold. Yet others judge them at first to be ugly because of their humble beginnings. Never underestimate the power of perception. Do you view the world and see the 'true' beauty in all you experience & meet,
 even before it is 'revealed' or do you pre-judge all around until it  has 'proven' its beauty. 
Take a moment to really think about this and maybe adjust your perspective and broaden your outlook, if necessary. 
Remember you are all in a state of constant evolution.

Angel Blessings,
Tahalihah x

New for 2016
Angelic Helix Healing
Angelic Helix Healing connects with the magical energies of the 12 Angelic Beings with whom we work alongside, whilst facilitating Angelic Helix Healing. Practitioner training is suitable for those new to working with Angelic Energies and for those who already have experience of working with them. A full breakdown of the syllabus for practitioner training can be found here:

If you would like to experience the energies of Angelic Helix Healing or Helix Healing, I would love to come along and give a talk & demonstration or short workshop to you development group, group of friends or at an event near you. Please contact me for more details or to discuss further.


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Our next issue is Spring 2016 and is out now.

Visit to Avebury
I recently visited Avebury with my husband & a friend to connect with the wonderful energies of the Sacred Stones and the surrounding area. It was a magical day & I took along 2 new Large Helix Healing Spirals coloured,  Red & Lemon to charge them within the stones energies.
Whilst we were there, I took the opportunity to undertake some standing  healing taster healing sessions using the new spirals and placing them between two of the amazing stone people.  I asked the stones if they  would connect with the spirals during the treatments to assist the Helix Healing Light Beings to facilitate an enhanced healing experience.
The results were fantastic and those  experiencing it said they felt a profound sense of calm, peace and clarity following their healing experience within the energies of the stones.
I am looking forward to our next visit. I might even try to arrange a Helix Healing taster day at Avebury........watch this space!

New* Online Webinars & Meditations
I will be facilitating a range of guided meditations and spiritual classes via Skype webinars throughout 2016. Each will be for 1 hour and will be at a cost of £5 payable in advance via Paypal. 
Places must be booked in advance, please e-mail me on tmpaul13@gmail.com  to secure your place and make payment as places are limited. 
Webinars will be held on the following dates & times, further dates will be added for the rest  of 2016 at a later date:
  • March - Sunday 19th, 7pm - Angelic Meditation for releasing and visualization for new growth followed by short question & answer.
  • March - Thursday 31st, 7.30pm - Psychic Development - Connecting with the energies of crystals.
  • April - Thursday 21st, 7.30pm - Meditation connecting with Kwan Yin for self love and soul progression followed by short question and answer
  • April - Thursday 28th, 7.30pm - Psychic Development - How to do a Reading for others - explore the various ways that you can provide a clairvoyant reading for another person.
  • May - Thursday 19th May, 7.30pm - Meditation to connect with your power animal followed by discussion/Q&A on power animals.
  • June - Sunday 5th June, 6pm - Psychic Development - Connecting with the Archangel Metatron for growth & transformation.
  • June - Monday 20th, 7.30pm - Meditation to harness and work with the energies of the Summer Solstice