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Hi, my name is Tina Paul and I  live in Somerset in the UK with my husband Nigel and our 3 cats. I have been aware of spirit since a young child and I come from a family of psychics, healers & mediums. I am  the co-founder of Helix Healing© and Helix Animal Healing ©, an Angel Facilitator, Medium, Psychic Artist, Spiritual Mentor & Holistic Coach and Writer .
I am a featured ESP psychic and also facilitate Readings through Psychic Today
Working with my team  in the spirit world, I  aspire to motivate, inspire, and empower others to continue on their life’s journey and fulfil their full potential. 
I assist others to connect with the spirit world in a positive, supportive way and to progress along  their  individual spiritual paths.
Special Introductory Offer: I will now be offering bespoke channelled, A3 sized - Helix Healing Infused Artwork for Balance & Healing and Star Being Portraits at the special Introductory price of £15 including P+P for the month of January only. Please e-mail or message through contacts page to order your piece of artwork.
 E-mail me on or phone: 07813110167
Why not buy your piece of healing artwork or star being Portrait now, via this link:
A3- Star Being Portrait

A3 - Helix Healing Infused Balancing & Healing Art

Re-launch - The Angel Energies Newsletter is being             re-launched in 2015, after an absence. If you would like to register for the newsletter please fill in the contact form below.

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