Angel Energies - Tina McNaughton
Tina McNaughton
 Welcome to Angel Energies. Tina McNaughton works as an International Clairvoyant, Medium, Psychic Artist & Healer. 
She is currently  a columnist for Bellesprit magazine writing columns on the topics of "Psychic Art" and "Elemental Energy." Tina is  a  listed Diamond Psychic & Healer through which  she  takes bookings for  Angel, Faery & Soul readings. 
Tina is an accomplished  Psychic Artist  and provides Aura-graphs accompanied by a channelled interpretation, Spirit Guide & Guardian Angel paintings and a diverse range of other spiritually Inspired  artwork. 
Tina has facilitated  spiritual development groups across the UK for many years. She also provides  workshops and talks across the UK in many subject areas.  Tina is a qualified trainer and facilitates  certificated Healer training courses and provides a range of correspondence courses with tutorial support via telephone & Skype.

Tina has been aware of the spirit world since a young age .  She  now works with her guides  to provide guidance & healing and assisting  to empower  those on the earth and in the spirit world. 
Tina works  with Tahalihah - her angelic guide and her other guides; Black Hawk, Tao Chung, a lady in a blue robe and her animal guide "Wolf".
Together they  work assisting  others to connect with the spirit world in a positive, supportive way and to progress along  their  individual spiritual paths.